Videos and DVDs

This video/DVD was filmed on location around Andrew’s home in East Sussex. Professionally made by S.E.E.B.A. Films, the 90-minute video or DVD depicts a typical summer weekend with Andrew painting, in real time, three of his favourite locations. This is instructional, particularly for those interested in location painting in the English countryside. This one-and-a half-hour video is available from Andrew John Studio at £20. Inclusive of UK postage.

This is the latest of Andrew’s videos filmed on location around his home in southern
Spain. Professionally made by S.E.E.B.A. Films, this 90-minute video/DVD shows Andrew painting five different location pictures (no untimely cutaways) in the Mediterranean sunshine. The subjects are typical of the beautiful and unspoiled Andalucia countryside where he spends much of the year. It was filmed on one of Andrew’s popular holidays (page 5) and it gives a good over-view of this holiday.* The one-and-a half-hour volume is available from Andrew John Studio at £20. inclusive of UK postage.

These instructional films are available in VHS format and in DVD format from stock.

Please contact us via our email here or telephone  for further details.

*If you order a copy of “Watercolour in Andalucia” now, either as a video or DVD and subsequently book the holiday with us within 3 months of this purchase, we will credit you with the £20 cost of the video or DVD.